Jess Limot - Videographer, Master Photographer

Artist Profile

Jess Limot is a Filipino photographer based in Doha, Qatar. He has worked with some of the most notable talents in Qatar, amassed an array of clients and bedazzled his portfolios with breathtaking shots. His imprint can be seen in every work which makes him noteworthy.
He likes to shoot in a loose, fluid manner, e.g. he loves the style of moving the camera around the subject, sliding and panning because
it gives the video a more dynamic feeling. In his spare time, he goes around the City with his DSLR in hand, looking for inspiration behind the ordinary, capturing the subjects essence then turning it into something worthwhile.

Jess has completed the degree of BS Electronics & Communication Engineering. He moved to Doha and worked as a Support Engineer for several years. In 2008, he started Travel & Landscape Photography as a hobby and Videography for 2 years to bide the time. During those travels, he would usually take photos of people as well. The abundance of the mesmerizing sand dunes and architecture coupled with his newfound love in Photography and Videography enabled him to develop superb skills in the field. He learned more about post processing, photography techniques, and video editing through online tutorials. By that time, Jess commenced his career as photographer while still working as a Support Engineer. Clients started flocking to his direction just to have their pictures taken during birthdays and weddings, but this was only the start. More opportunities came his way and later on he accepted video coverage for corporate projects, etc.

He admits that it was a bit challenging to impress prospective clients onset of his career. In the end he has shown them his grit and surpassed their expectations. His greatest accomplishment was creating a commercial video for the social media of one hotel without any previous work on a corporate video. Once the clients saw the end product, they were astounded by the quality of his work that he got more referrals and projects. It was only this year, 2018, that he decided to quit his day job and started taking pictures full time. Jess mostly accepts corporate projects from clients as well as and personal projects whether in Photography or Videography. Overtime, he has collaborated with others as a second shooter on large and small scale events and made a name for himself.